Keema – sabji pulao l lamb mince – vegetable pulao

This keema sabji pulao – lamb mince vegetable pulao is a great one pot meal option. It is filling, nutritious and of course, being a one pot meal, you get to wash fewer dishes; and this is always a bonus. One pot rice meals are so helpful. They […]

Chocolate cashew diamonds

Starting with something sweet for the first post of the new year with these chocolate cashew diamonds. These treats are not overtly sweet, nutty and melt in the mouth. And it’s not too hard to whip up a batch. A new year! Hope you have all had a […]

Chilli-paprika French macarons

I developed the recipe for these chilli-paprika French macarons more than a decade ago and have managed to salvage the recipe from my notebook. The hint of chilli in these macarons are perfect for those who prefer a little less sweetness in these dainty treats. Love – hate […]

Aloo-methi-cream cheese parathas

These aloo-methi-cream cheese parathas (potato, fenugreek and cream cheese parathas) are truly delicious and one of our favourites. Boiled and mashed potatoes, fenugreek leaves and cream cheese are added to the dough to flavour it. We love parathas, one of the most popular flatbreads from the Indian sub […]

Jola – mitha cranberry chutney l Assamese style hot and sweet cranberry chutney

This jola – mitha cranberry chutney l Assamese style hot and sweet cranberry chutney is exactly what it says; hot and sweet! Spoon a little into your mouth and you are greeted by the initial sweetness and very slight tang followed by a kick of heat at the […]

Aloo – phulkobi masor jool l Assamese cauliflower and potato fish curry

This aloo – phulkobi masor jool l Assamese potato and cauliflower fish curry is a very popular fish curry in Assam ( a state in North East India). Cauliflower florets and potato pieces are lovingly cooked in spices. Liquid is added to make a light soupy curry (jool). […]

Pistachio and chocolate pinwheel cookies

These pistachio and chocolate pinwheel cookies are a delight. They are mildly sweet and wonderfully crumbly. These cookies very indeed very good, yes, the kind of end product that makes the baker in me jump with joy. Not loaded with butter and sugar, but mildly sweet and wonderfully […]

Gingerbread house l Design inspiration

This gingerbread house l design inspiration brings back so many beautiful memories. The design for the house was inspired by one of mine and the kids favourite fairy tales, and we had so much fun putting it together. The kids also managed to weave a story around it! […]

Stir fried sesame and garlic kale

This stir fried kale sesame and garlic kale is a quick and easy way to add some greens to your meal. In this post, I will also share some tips on how to prepare kale for cooking. It is now our new best friend. Kale is a tough […]

Mushroom, vegetable and cheese tart

This mushroom, vegetable and cheese tart is easy to make and is loaded with good things. It is very adaptable too and you can use your own combination of vegetables according to your preference. I created this recipe years ago; in fact, it is another one of those […]