Lemon cake

Lemon cake is my other half’s favourite and that’s what he got for his birthday today. He doesn’t like too much of a fuss on his cake and prefers simple flavours, especially the citrus ones. But then again, he doesn’t like the flavour to be too intense. And […]

Peanut butter, puffed rice and fruit and nut squares

Another week almost comes to an end. As I try to think of the next recipe to post, my eyes fall upon the old notebook where I had jotted down this recipe for peanut butter, puffed rice and fruit and nut squares filled with the goodness of an […]

Til diya kukura mangxo / Assamese style chicken curry with sesame seeds

The grounds have now cleared and the intense white landscape from a few days ago with freezing temperatures seems to be a distant memory. With the gradually rising temperatures, nature also seems to be gradually waking up from its wintery hibernation in our part of the world. A […]

Chilli, garlic and coriander prawns

I don’t cook with prawns very often and when I do, I usually stick to quick and easy recipes. The following recipe, for chilli, garlic and coriander prawns, however is a keeper. It’s very easy to make and cooks in less than 10 minutes. The fact that the […]

Saraswati puja- home thoughts from abroad

Saraswati puja musings-Dark, gloomy and rainy day today! The mind wanders across land and seas thousands of miles away and brings back memories filled with the hustle and bustle, the cleaning of the study desk etc, the music, the prayers, the bhog ( food offered to the gods) […]

Whole wheat, coconut and orange cookies (eggless recipe)

We have been under a cold snap for more than a week with the temperatures refusing to rise and the snow on my garden benches showing no signs of shifting anytime soon! Only this morning, the temperature seems to have risen by a few degrees and the grass […]

Lemon chicken

This recipe for lemon chicken came about by accident; and it was an accident we did not mind at all! The travails of a home cook! You want to cook something- you check the larder; find key ingredients missing; then frantically look around to make do with what’s […]

Wholewheat banana, ginger and walnut cake

Since you’ve landed here, I would like to welcome you to my first post on this blog, though it is by no means my first ever! I like to call this my second innings. If you would like to know why, click here! The start of something new […]