Boror tenga

This is a recipe for an Assamese summer speciality – boror tenga. It translates to lentil fritters in a thin sour gravy. Climate plays such an important role in the kind of food that we enjoy. Back in Assam, summers would include a lot of tangy curries with […]

Muri ghonto l fish head with yellow lentils

The Assamese are great fish lovers. With the mighty river Brahmaputra flowing by, there is an abundant supply of a variety of riverine fish, both large and small. Therefore, they all have a prominent place in Assamese cuisine. Fish is cooked in a variety of ways; in simple […]

Gur diya narikolor laru (Coconut balls with jaggery)

These Gur diya narikolor laru (coconut balls with jaggery) were made to celebrate Rongali Bihu, the Assamese festival that is celebrated to usher in the Assamese New Year. Fresh grated coconut is mixed with a jaggery syrup. The mixture is then cooked and rolled into balls. Bihu? Assam, […]

Courgette / zucchini khar (Assamese recipe)

Khar is an alkaline based delicacy from Assamese cuisine, generally had at the start of a typical Assamese meal, especially lunch. It is had with some some rice. Apparently, khar is said to have cleansing properties. It is said to help in preparing the digestive system to welcome […]

Bootor dali

There are some combinations of food that brings back memories. Celebrating one such combination of luci and bootor dali. Thick and lightly spiced bootor dali ( chana dal / split chickpea dal) scooped up with flaky, puffed up luci / poori is surely a comforting delight. If you […]

Luci / Poori recipe

Sharing this luci /poori recipe; I had made these recently to accompany some bootor dali (Assamese style split chickpeas curry). Flaky, puffed up luci / poori are a delight, so here’s a recipe for you to try. Luci? Poori? Luci (pronounced loo-sie) / poori is a deep fried […]

Bogorir jola mitha asar / Assamese style hot and sweet jujube pickle

Mention bogorir jola mitha asar / Assamese style hot and sweet jujube pickle and almost every Assamese will start drooling. Me included! This explosion of heat and sweetness laced with the thick and sticky jaggery syrup with the slight sourness coming from the jujube is more than enough […]

Til diya kukura mangxo / Assamese style chicken curry with sesame seeds

The grounds have now cleared and the intense white landscape from a few days ago with freezing temperatures seems to be a distant memory. With the gradually rising temperatures, nature also seems to be gradually waking up from its wintery hibernation in our part of the world. A […]

Saraswati puja- home thoughts from abroad

Saraswati puja musings-Dark, gloomy and rainy day today! The mind wanders across land and seas thousands of miles away and brings back memories filled with the hustle and bustle, the cleaning of the study desk etc, the music, the prayers, the bhog ( food offered to the gods) […]