Press / Mentions


The following are some of the mentions received over the years-

The Guardian, UK– Writeup and recipe published; click the link below and scroll down to read under the heading- We love to eat.

Telegraph India (2008) – Mentioned / quoted in article about food bloggers – Featured on it’s ‘Best of the Web’

Femina India (2010)– Feature and recipe published, made it to the ‘best of Femina’ line up in the food section.

The cruise web blog (2012) -Recipe / writeup published; link below-

The Blogger Aid Cookbook (2010)- One of the contributors and editors for The Blogger Aid Cookbook, the proceeds (100%) from which was given to a charity raising funds to help Haiti, hit by devastating earthquake (magnitude 7) in 2010, leaving more than 300,000 people killed, several hundred thousand injured and nearly 1.5 million left homeless

Contributed articles to the Great British Life website.

Conducted cookery courses at Otley College, Suffolk

Organised and conducted Indian cookery workshop to raise funds for local school. (2015)

Was in charge of the above school’s Indian food section at it’s widely attended autumn fayre for a few years.

Thanks for the support; hopefully, this space will continue to thrive!


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