Watermelon and grapefruit limeade

This refreshing watermelon and grapefruit limeade is the perfect thirst quencher for the unusual rise in temperatures that we have been experiencing recently. It is easy to make and looks pretty too! What can I say about the weather! We have seen such extremes this year. Proper summery […]

Whole wheat blueberry and coconut muffins

Sharing the whole wheat blueberry and coconut muffins that I baked some time ago. They are really easy to whip up and needs no fancy equipment. And yes, they are full of blueberries, bursting as they bake to release their flavours. The coconut gives a nice bite. August […]

Lemon curd

This delicious, zingy lemon curd is a result of the leftover egg yolks from the pavlova that I posted earlier. It is literally sunshine in a bottle. Speaking of sunshine, lately, we’ve not been receiving much of it these days. As I write this, there is a chill […]

Pavlova recipe

I made this pavlova recipe after a long time! The last time I made it was many moons ago! But I was quite chuffed when it came out with the perfect crisp exterior and soft marshmallowy interior that pavlovas are known for. The daughter declared it the best […]

Hot and sweet gooseberry chutney

This hot and sweet gooseberry chutney was made from one of the batches of harvest from my homegrown gooseberries. The chutney is flavoured with Indian spices and the sweet note comes from jaggery. It is quite quick and easy too; comes together in approximately 15 minutes. The hot […]

Strawberry and banana frozen yoghurt

Summer’s bounty of fruits is still going strong. And as frozen desserts and summer go hand in hand, here’s an easy and guilt free dessert for those hot summer afternoons . If you have a glut of strawberries, and bananas ripening too quickly in the summer heat, this […]

Cherry and rhubarb cooler

The last batch of cherries from my little cherry tree went towards making this refreshing cherry and rhubarb cooler. The rhubarb is from the second harvest of my rhubarb plant this year. The mint is homegrown too! Healthy drink- The best part of home cooking is that one […]

Cherry cheesecake

This cherry cheesecake was made with the bountiful cherry harvest that we have been blessed with this year. It has a crisp crust, with a cherry and soft cheese filling, and drizzled with cherry syrup and melted white chocolate on top. A truly summery, fruity dessert. My cherry […]

Coconut, strawberries and cream cake

After eating them as they were to our heart’s content, some of the strawberries went into this coconut, strawberries and cream cake. We had friends over at ours after months and that in itself calls for a celebration. So made this cake for dessert celebrating friendship and of […]

Baked mint and coriander chicken

This baked mint and coriander chicken is one of our family favourites. I have made it innumerable times, for family and friends at home and taken it as a contribution to joint parties. It is very succulent, full of fresh flavours and easy to make too! I hadn’t […]