Chocolate, orange and almond flourless cake

We don’t celebrate Easter. But, when Easter comes around, for some reason, I always feel the urge to bake something chocolatey. Must be all those Easter eggs that are in our faces every time we visit the supermarket from long before Easter. Or maybe it’s just that all […]

Oats, chocolate and ginger cookies (eggless)

I first made these oats, chocolate and ginger cookies (eggless) more than a decade ago! How time flies! My two taste testers were so little then and are both now taller than me! This is another recipe that I managed to find in my recovered notebook. What recovered […]

Kala chana – alu chaat l Black chickpeas and potato chaat

This kala chana – alu chaat l black chickpeas and potato chaat is an explosion of flavours. It is loaded with kala chana ( black chickpeas), potatoes and an assortment of other vegetables, fruits and nuts. A couple of fresh and dry ground spices are also added. All […]

Mint – coriander chutney / Indian style green chutney

Mint – coriander chutney / Indian style green chutney is a a very common chutney, not only in most Indian households, but also on the food carts of roadside vendors and restaurants in India. Growing up, how many times have we pleaded with the roadside chaatwalla ( chaat […]

Date – tamarind chutney / Indian style date and tamarind chutney

This date – tamarind chutney / Indian style date and tamarind chutney is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy with a slight heat running through it. In the local Indian dialect, it is known as khajur – imli chutney ( khajur-dates, imli- tamarind). It is the perfect […]

Savoury scones

These savoury scones are very dear to me. I first made them more than a decade ago. The kids were very small then and this used to be one of their favourite after school snacks. How the time has flown! They (in fact all four of us) still […]

Spiced apple crumble

All four of us have massive sweet teeth. Needless to say, we often crave desserts. For day to day desserts, I try to regulate what goes in and keep it mostly simple. A dessert which is simple to make, delivers on taste and is guilt free is always […]

Bootor dali

There are some combinations of food that brings back memories. Celebrating one such combination of luci and bootor dali. Thick and lightly spiced bootor dali ( chana dal / split chickpea dal) scooped up with flaky, puffed up luci / poori is surely a comforting delight. If you […]

Luci / Poori recipe

Sharing this luci /poori recipe; I had made these recently to accompany some bootor dali (Assamese style split chickpeas curry). Flaky, puffed up luci / poori are a delight, so here’s a recipe for you to try. Luci? Poori? Luci (pronounced loo-sie) / poori is a deep fried […]

Spicy baked salmon

Ever since we came to the UK, salmon has been on top of the fish list for all four of us. Needless to say, I am forever looking for ways to enjoy this beautiful fish. The following spicy baked salmon is one such way. Both me and the […]